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2020 Part 13 Costinesti Beach 4K splendor in the sun 03 July 2020

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2020 Part 13 Costinesti Beach 4K splendor in the sun 03 July 2020
Stabilization Zhiyun smooth 4, Samsung S9 shooting. The Romanian coast represents a part of the western shore of the Black Sea and stretches from the border with Ukraine (North, in the Gulf of Musura) to that with Bulgaria (South, a few hundred meters from Vama Veche). It is the most exploited tourist area in Romania. Along the seafront there are 2 municipalities, 2 larger cities and 2 other smaller cities, as well as numerous summer resorts. The main cities, but also the main area of ​​interest, where most of the resorts and tourist attractions are located, is Constanța County; the other riparian county is Tulcea county, both parts of the historical region of Dobrogea. The main city, being considered the capital of this region, is Constanța (290,000 inhabitants). The second largest is Mangalia (50,000 inhabitants), then comes the city of Năvodari (39,000 inhabitants), both in Constanța County. Other cities are: Sulina (3,300 inhabitants) (Tulcea), Eforie (10,000 inhabitants) and Techirghiol (7,000 inhabitants).

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